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Photos and videos of models for tour operators, hotels and inns
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Photos and videos of models for tour operators, hotels and inns

Give your resort a stunning look with Ladys Model

Photos of models for tour operators, hotels and inns

Do you want your resort, tour operator, hotel or inn to attract the attention of customers and remain in the memory for many years? We offer you a unique service - visiting a model for photo and video shooting on your territory.

Shooting format:

We offer professional photography and video shooting in accordance with your wishes and concept. This could be shooting on a beach with emerald water and white sand, a romantic photo shoot surrounded by natural landscapes, or stylish shots in the interior of your hotel or inn. We work with experienced photographers and videographers to help you create the perfect image of your resort.

Country and location:

We organize travel of the model to any country and to any resort of your choice. Regardless of where your object is located, we will find a suitable model and organize the shooting at a time convenient for you.

They choose us because:

  • We work with experienced models who have passed a strict selection process and are ready to represent your resort at the highest level. - We offer an individual approach to each order and guarantee a professional result.
  • We care about your convenience and are ready to organize the shooting in accordance with your wishes and requirements.
  • We take into account all the client’s wishes and suggestions and develop an individual shooting plan that will meet the necessary needs and goals.

Contact us today to discuss the details of your order and get started on creating great content for your business!

Give your resort, hotel or inn a unique look with the help of Ladys Model.

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