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Working conditions for model at agency
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Working conditions for model at agency


Working conditions in modeling agency


1. Daily work plan:

  • Professional performance in front of the camera to create photos and videos.
  • Providing footage of a variety of poses and facial expressions to create a variety of content as well as different looks.
  • Coordination and reporting of specific work on a daily basis.

2. Maintaining style and concept:

  • Adaptation to different styles and concepts of photo shoots according to customer requirements.
  • Following the instructions of the content manager, stylist and director to create the desired image.

3. Working with clients and brands:

  • Interact with the Account and Brand Management team to create content as per their requirements and desires.
  • Providing different variations of content for customers to choose from.
  • Display of clothing, accessories, brands or cosmetics.
  • Taking part in the filming of advertising presentations.

4. Social media registration and online presence:

  • Active participation in facilitating account registration, promoting agency and brands on social networks such as Instagram, TikTok, Twitter, Onlyfans, Fansly and others.
  • Regularly update your profiles with high-quality and attractive content.

5. Collaboration with the team:

  • Working in a team with photographers, stylists, makeup artists and other participants in content production.
  • Maintains schedule and follows team instructions to successfully complete projects.

6. Maintaining discipline and ethical standards:

  • Represent agency in the best possible light and maintain its reputation.
  • Adhere to established deadlines and work schedules, including work schedules.
  • Compliance with ethical standards and rules of conduct while working and communicating with clients and team.
  • Fulfilling all orders and instructions of the content manager or other representatives


7. During the probationary period (up to 3 months):

  • Operating mode: floating, up to 4 hours/hour per day.
  • Minimum daily content plan: Source images - 50 pcs. Initial Video images - 5 pieces, lasting at least 1 minute, for each video clip.

8. Working hours after the probationary period:

  • Operating mode: floating, up to 8 hours per day.
  • Minimum daily content plan: Source images - 100 pcs. Initial Video images - 5 pieces, lasting at least 1.5 minutes, for each video clip.

9. Working hours and the minimum daily content plan can be adjusted daily by agreement of the parties.


10. Financial reward for fulfilling the sales plan:

10. 1. First month:

The rate is 20% of the sales plan. In case of failure to meet the minimum sales plan, a guaranteed salary of $25 for each shooting working day.

10. 2. Up to 6 months:

Rate 20% of sales.

10. 3. Model work experience at – From 6 to 12 months:

Rate 22% of sales.

10. 4. Model work experience at – 1 year:

Rate 25% of sales.


11. 1. First month: after 21 working days, from the moment of registering a new account on

11. 2. Subsequent months: at least every 14 working days.

12. Payments are made to a bank account or through electronic payment systems agreed between the model and the agency, in accordance with the schedule.


13. All filmed materials transferred to the agency are the property of the agency.

14. The model does not have the right to publish or transmit submitted materials from the agency without the consent of the agency.

15. Upon expiration of joint obligations, the agency transfers access to working social media pages of the model with full rights.

16. The agency provides ongoing support and advice on security and privacy issues, ensures control over the filming process and the use of content, and protects the interests of the model in the event of conflicts or disputes.


17. The agency guarantees the confidentiality of data and information about models, as well as correspondence.

18. The agency guarantees timely payments to the model, with the exception of delays from third-party social platforms.

19. The model guarantees the absence of use of social networks that were provided or created for its monetization by the agency, without the agency’s permission.

20. The model guarantees to notify the agency about this before independently publishing content on social media networks, even if this content is not related to her direct responsibilities.

21. The model guarantees to comply with all the above points responsibly, voluntarily and without coercion.


22. The Agency takes a number of measures to protect the Agency's rights from unscrupulous models. This includes carefully verifying the identity and professional experience of each model before entering into a contract, as well as signing confidentiality and code of conduct agreements.

23. The agency constantly monitors the activities of models and responds to any violations of the rules and standards of professionalism of the agency. The goal is to provide a safe and professional work environment for all agency employees and clients.

24. If dishonest behavior is identified that has caused damage to the agency, decisive measures can be taken to ensure the protection of the agency and clients. This may include adding the unscrupulous model to other agencies' databases and blacklisting them from the fashion industry. The Agency is committed to maintaining high standards of professionalism and ethics, and does not tolerate dishonest behavior on the part of its employees.

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